For 2020 the Committee will continue to run the Regatta under the new British Rowing competition framework.

Eights and fours only – The following events are offered, though we will be pleased to consider other events if there is demand. Please contact the Secretary if you have any suggested new events.

Entry Fees Men’s (Open) EventsWomen’s Events
EIGHTS (£80 If payment received by Wednesday 1st May, £96 otherwise)   
Eights (Including Masters)
Junior 18 *
Junior 16 *
Junior 15 *
Octo J14 *

Eights (Including Masters)
Junior 18
Junior 16
Junior 15
Octo J14 
COXED FOURS (£40 If payment received by Wednesday 1st May, £48 otherwise)
Junior 18
Junior 16
Junior 15 * 

Junior 18
Junior 16
Junior 15 *
QUAD SCULLS (£40 If payment received by Wednesday 1st May, £48 otherwise)Junior 18 coxless
Junior 16 coxless
Junior 15 coxed
Junior 14 coxed *

Coxed Quad
Junior 18 coxless
Junior 16 coxless
Junior 15 coxed
Junior 14 coxed *

COXLESS FOURS (£40 If payment received by Wednesday 1st May, £48 otherwise)  Fours Fours 

1st/2nd/3rd boat events will be offered in these events.


Bedford Corporation Plate – Given by the old Borough Council to the Regatta.

The R.H.H. Symonds Memorial Goblet – Presented by R.H.H. Symonds former 1st VIII coach at Bedford School.

The Ryan Challenge Cup.

W.S. Chirnside Cup – Presented by Major W S Chirnside MC who was joint Regatta Secretary in 1930 – 1933 and later became Vice President in 1955/1956 and President in 1957.

Symonds Perpetual Challenge Cup.

Ronald Fowler Goblet – Presented as a prize by Ronald Fowler’s wife after his death in 1971.
Ronald was Vice Captain of Bedford Rowing Club 1932.

B.M.S.B.C. Centenary Cup – presented by Bedford Modern School on the 100th anniversary of the founding of their Boat Club.

Royal Bank of Scotland Cup (Will & Glyns)

Bedford Grand Challenge Cup  (established 1873) – purchased by means of a public subscription to which the Duke of Bedford, the Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Clubs, and the Thames Rowing Club generously contributed. It is 21 inches high and its weight is 130oz of solid silver. The cup was designed by Mrs Gillons, wife of C.E.B. Gillons, a Bedford Modern School master, who for many years was the Hon. Secretary of the Regatta.  The first winners of the cup was Thames Rowing Club in 1873 (Mssrs:Haske, Eyre, Slater, Maycock and Stafford)

Watermans Bedford Regatta Shield.

The Guy Pym Challenge Cup – Presented by Guy Pym former Conservative MP for Bedford in 1895 – 1906.

Walter Attenborough Cup –   Listed as a Committee member in 1930 and former Conservative MP for Bedford in 1910.

The Reginald Sherebrooke Memorial Cup

The Poynters Pairs Trophy – presented by former Star Club Captain Ted Poynter.

J. Boris Brown Challenge Bowl – presented in 1957 by Mr JB Brown a famous Loughborough oarsman – the bowl was originally for the winner of men’s double sculls.

S.R. Wells Challenge Cup 

Bedford Corporation Cup – presented in 1957 by the Mayor of Bedford for the winner of junior sculls.

The Talbot Jarvis Cup

Britannia Trophy 

The Wyatt Challenge Cup

B.S.B.C. Quindodecicential Cup – presented by Bedford School on the 125th anniversary of their Boat Club.

Bedford R.C. Centenary Cup – Presented by Bedford Rowing Club during their centenary year in 1986.

John Bull & Co. Punch Bowl – presented by John Bull & Co to celebrate their long standing connection with the Regatta.

The Jum Beckett Cup – Presented by Jum Beckett former Captain of Bedford Rowing Club.

The McArthur Cup – Presented by the McArthur Brothers both of whom rowed for Bedford Rowing Club between 1930 – 1933.

The Pioneer Concrete Challenge Cup

The Friends of Bedford Girls School presented a new Trophy to the Regatta for the fastest Womens Junior Quad in memory of the two clubs (Dame Alice and the High School) which amalgamated to form the current Girls School Boat Club.

We are always keen to hear from anyone who has any information relating to the history of the many magnificent trophies on offer at the Regatta.  Please contact the Regatta secretary if you have any information.  (