What sets Bedford Amateur Regatta apart from the rest?

  • This Regatta is for eights and fours only utilising the new competition framework;
  • Pint pewter tankards are awarded to all winners of main events;
  • Our entry fees represent excellent value at only £12.00/seat (coxes free) [NOTE: these rates are only for fees received by a notified date, a late payment penalty applies to fees received after this date];
  • Unfortunately, the Rowing Almanack no longer includes a table of the number of entries to regattas, but we feel fairly safe in saying that Bedford Amateur Regatta remains one of the largest one-day river regattas in the country. We have been forced to turn away a number of entries in recent years as there physically isn’t the space on the river or time in the day to run with more crews than we accepted. Clubs will be advised by post with refund cheques to follow where appropriate.

What events are offered?

  • See the events offered page for the wide range of events including J14 octuple and quad events for those crews who might wish to get some race practice before the National Schools Regatta three weeks later;
  • If there is sufficient demand, we will consider offering additional events. Write/phone/ e-mail your requests for additional events to us.

What prizes do we award?

  • Winners of all main finals will receive an engraved pewter tankard each.

Can I compete in more than one event?

  • Yes, but doubling-up is at your risk and is ONLY permitted in any TWO events at the discretion of the Committee. Crews may NOT double up in J14 Octuples and J14 Quads. Our draw software can detect where individuals are doubling-up, but not boats. To be on the safe side, any doubling MUST BE REQUESTED in the notes field on the BROE2 entry. Such entries will only be accepted if they can be fitted in the programme, on the clear understanding that programme timing must be adhered to.
  • With the co-operation of our competitors and the expertise of our umpires and marshals, we have built up an excellent reputation for racing a packed schedule on time. Our sophisticated draw software manages this by running thousands of iterations of the race timetable to avoid clashes of those doubling-up or boat sharing; it is only as good as the information that it is provided with so (at the risk of labouring the point) please clearly specify any doubling-up with each entry concerned.

What is a College crew?

  • For the purpose of Bedford Amateur Regatta we define a College Crew as one which is made up of students from colleges of higher education and not Schools with the title College.
  • All members of a College Crew need to be studying at the same College, composite crews are not permitted.

Do I need to be registered with British Rowing for the ‘College’ events?

  • Yes. This is an open event under British Rowing’s Rules of Racing, as are all of the other events on offer, therefore all crew members (including the cox) need to be registered. See the British Rowing Website for details of membership and application forms. We are told that British Rowing are returning applications by return of post at the moment so there is plenty of time to get registered before the day of the Regatta.

How do the 1st boat/’Other’ boat events above work?

  • It is the intention that these events are for clubs making at least one entry in the ‘1st boat‘ category, even if you are not entering your actual ‘1st boat’ in the regatta. However, we are aware that some schools have entries for their first boats at other regattas instead of Bedford and would therefore look to make an entry in these events without making a ‘1st boat‘ entry. The Committee is minded to accept entries in these circumstances ONLY, not just because you don’t feel that the crew would be competitive in the 1st boat event.
  • Please provide supporting information in the notes field of your BROE entry to justify any entries in the ‘others’ event where no ‘1st boat‘ entry is made. The Committee reserves the right to move or reject entries as it feels appropriate to ensure that these events run in the spirit that they are intended.
  • In the event of insufficient entries, crews entered in the ‘others’ events will be merged with the ‘1st boat‘ entries. Please state clearly in the notes if you do not wish your “other” crew to race if this happens.

What are the School 2nd and 3rd boat events?

  • These events run on a large element of trust, in the same way as the ‘1st boat’/’Others’ events as noted above. It is the intention to give meaningful races with a chance of victory to those crews that are not expected to be fully competitive in the main junior event. In order that these events are not qualifying for racing status points, the Regatta offers this as a special event that will be drawn on the day. You must enter the crew on BROE with the rest of your crews to gain a place in the draw. To make this happen, all entrants must be entered for one other event in the Regatta, the 2nd and 3rd boat events can then fall within the definition of a ‘fun’ event created on the day under British Rowing’s Rules of Racing.

Travelling to the Regatta

  • Please note that due to the large number of entries normally received, it is necessary to start these events early in the morning to accommodate the number of rounds. We therefore recommend you take this into consideration when planning travel arrangements. As a guide, entrants in the most popular events may be racing as early as 8.15am with finals as late as 7.30pm.
  • View a guide to traveling to the regatta here.

Can I make online entries using BROE2?

  • Yes, please see the British Rowing’s race entry site for details. Cheque payment must be sent to the entries secretary to hold your place in the event. Please note that we are now accepting direct payment, details on BROE2.

Can I pay by card?

  • Unfortunatley we do not have a facility to accept payment by card.

What about Environment Agency Boat Licensing?

  • Please note that all boats taking part in this year’s Regatta must be licensed with the Environment Agency. Any boats not licensed are liable to be fined by the Environment Agency. It is the responsibility of all competing clubs and not the Regatta to ensure that they have the requisite licenses.
  • Day licences are not available from British Rowing or the Regatta but can be obtained directly from the Environment Agency.

What is the Regatta’s cancellation policy?

  • Entries cancelled or withdrawn prior to the draw will receive a full refund.
  • Once the draw has been made and published an entry fee is due.
  • In the unlikely event of a total cancellation of the Regatta, we will endeavour to refund entry fees on a pro rata basis once our unavoidable costs have been covered. In the event of a partial cancellation or cancellation of specific events on the day, no refunds will be made.