The Bedford Amateur Regatta Committee dates back to the Regatta’s inception in 1853, although today Bedford Regatta is run as a limited company.

Structure and Purpose

In 2018, the assets of the Bedford Amateur Regatta Committee were transferred to Bedford Amateur Regatta CIC Limited, a private company limited by guarantee. The members of Bedford Regatta are drawn from local rowing clubs and universities and other members of the Bedford community. All members, as well as the directors and executive committee, give their time and service free of charge.


The company is run by four directors. Whilst the directors are responsible for the legal governance of the company, their main role is to develop and implement a long-term strategy for the event.

Executive Committee

An executive committee manages the Regatta, and are responsible for organising, running and ensuring the continuation of the Regatta. They also promote rowing generally, focusing on rowing in Bedford. This includes providing support to schools, rowing clubs and the public. The Chairman and Secretary of the Executive Committee also serve as two of the company’s directors.

The Executive Committee report to the members of the company on a regular basis, with additional meetings held in the months leading up to the Regatta.